Sunday, April 16, 2017

Cheops North Five

Plan A was to ski to the summit of Video Peak, descend off the north side, and then to climb back up to Bruins Pass and return via 8812. But by the time we were half-way up the valley the sun was intense. The fresh snow that had fallen overnight was quickly turning to gloop on any aspect facing the sun. And we'd be on a south facing slope for hours. So Plan B was to head up to Balu Pass and try to get into one of the north facing gullies on Cheops that would hopefully still be holding snow.

Plan B: Cheops North

Balu Pass

On Cheops with our track down in the valley

It was a stunning day.

Ross Peak, Bonney, and Green

Cougar Valley



The upper entrance to Cheops 5 looked a little sketchy so we opted for the lower one.

We then worked our way to skier's left into one of the lower gullies. A feature that we look at longingly every time we come this way but only dare to ski under these ideal conditions.

And that was it! Our last ski of the season. A great way to end what started way back in October. Time for a new challenge now in the form of a little sailboat that has been begging for our attention.

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