Sunday, May 20, 2012

Monashee Lake

This was one of those trips that we pulled out of our arses at the last minute. It was the May long weekend and unsettled weather discouraged us from skiing into Glacier Circle. Certain that this would be our last ski trip of the season we convinced Gerald that going into the Monashees was a good idea.

The trailhead begins at 22k of a logging road and ideally this was where the snow would begin, but it was anyone's guess how far we could drive before being forced to abandon the little CRV and start trudging.

With fingers crossed we lurched through several deep snow patches before hitting serious snow at 16k. I was fairly certain that we could drive a few more kilometres if only we could get through this 500 metre bad patch. Doing the math: a couple of hours of digging vs 12k of extra slogging out and back on the road.

It wasn't that easy but I still say it was worth it (screw you Brenda). We got to 20k before abandoning the car, hoisting the packs, and reverting to travel by foot and ski.

It wasn't too bad and before long we arrived at the trailhead and could begin the real climb to Monashee Lake.

Up through old growth timber, alder, and old avalanche debris.

Before setting up camp along the snowy shores of Monashee Lakesever. Several glasses of port and Scotch made for a merry evening.

Waking to a grey and overcast morning, we spent the day exploring the area bit, got up some minor peak, and even found some okay skiing.

A fine way to bring 7 months of skiing to a close.