Sunday, November 17, 2013


A quick trip to Rogers Pass. We skied behind the hotel with about 4000 other people who were also taking advantage of the great early season conditions. Most people headed up towards Ursus Trees or 8812 Bowl so we went straight to Balu Pass where it was quieter.

We climbed up towards Balu Peak and then dropped off the ridge into 8812. Good run.

Steve told us that this year he will be trying to extend the life of his skis by only using the back half until mid season, at which point he'll switch to the front half.

We also checked out the gullies left and right of the pass.

And again found some good skiing despite the poor visibility.

It's always surprising how good the skiing is in November.

Saturday, November 09, 2013


The first ski trip of the season has developed into a recurring them.

First a bit of shrubbery.

Then some open water.

Followed by a spot of propane bother.

And finally some excellent skiing punctuated by the occasional "clang!" of ski on rock.

There were more and bigger crevasses than we remember seeing on previous years.

Otherwise we huffed and puffed on early-season legs, drank too much wine in the evening, introduced the game of Resistance to mixed reviews, and thoroughly enjoyed a great start to the season. Thanks to all who made the effort!