Saturday, November 11, 2017

Asulkan Cabin

Custodian Steve installed a drying rack and moved a shelf. We did some skiing and caught up with Ken and Ed from Team Vancouver. Conditions were fairly typical for this time of year. We had a few runs in the Toilet Bowl, on the adjacent moraine, and in front of the Pterodactyl. The Pterodactyl required some sketchy traversing over rocks embedded in clear water ice. Zoiks! So perhaps there's a little less snow than normal!

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Asulkan Hut Maintenance

This was a day trip to the Asulkan Hut to help Steve with some maintenance. He didn't need to transport a 16' 2x4 this time thank goodness. The approach is still scratchy. There is coverage from the parking lot but we did need to remove the skis and walk a few times on the way up and then many times on the way down. There's about a meter of snow in the tree triangle. Unfortunately there's also breakable cartwheel inducing why-am-i-doing-this crust down anywhere from 0 to 20cm.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Early season on Mount McCrae

This was the earliest start to our ski season in 12 years. And as I write this on November 3rd Kelowna is getting it's earliest snowfall since 2006. Things are looking good.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Sailing in the Gulf Islands

We chartered Fascination, a 28' 2005 Catalina MKII, for five days out of Sidney BC.

Day 1: Sidney to Winter Harbour, Saturna Island

Day 2: To Montague Harbour, Galiano Island

Day 3: To Princess Cove, Wallace Island

Day 4: To Genoa Bay, Vancouver Island

Day 5: To Princess Bay, Portland Island

Day 6: Back to Sidney


Here's the album:

Saturday, September 02, 2017

Three Days of Canoeing in Revelstoke

Something different. And something we'd wanted to do for ages. We put in at Carnes Creek and explored the western shore. The steep shorelines of Lake Revelstoke make suitable campsites pretty rare but we found a nice spot and enjoyed a couple of relaxing days checking out waterfalls and exploring the little inlets. The paddle back had a few moments. Wind howled straight down the lake and produced large rolling waves which threatened to swamp us in our garage sale canoe. We bailed just short of Carnes and got a lift from some nice folks who were camping along the shore.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Terminal Traverse

Brian doesn't get out as much as he used to. Kids will do that. But when he does get out he needs more than just a single day in the alpine. He needs an "Alpine Weekend"! So we decided on the Terminal Traverse with a bivy at Perley Rock. Brenda and I had done this trip a few years ago and remembered as being a good climb but quite a long day. And that it proved to be! I think we'd hit the 12 hour mark by the time we got back to the cars. The South Ridge Ridge of South Terminal is a very nice scramble with several sections of low 5th and an airy traverse on the west side where we used the rope in earnest. The descent from the summit needs a short rappel and then there's a tedious scramble down and back up to North Terminal. We descended via the south facing snow slope between North and West Terminal back to bivy site. Full photo set here: