Saturday, September 02, 2017

Three Days of Canoeing in Revelstoke

Something different. And something we'd wanted to do for ages. We put in at Carnes Creek and explored the western shore. The steep shorelines of Lake Revelstoke make suitable campsites pretty rare but we found a nice spot and enjoyed a couple of relaxing days checking out waterfalls and exploring the little inlets. The paddle back had a few moments. Wind howled straight down the lake and produced large rolling waves which threatened to swamp us in our garage sale canoe. We bailed just short of Carnes and got a lift from some nice folks who were camping along the shore.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Terminal Traverse

Brian doesn't get out as much as he used to. Kids will do that. But when he does get out he needs more than just a single day in the alpine. He needs an "Alpine Weekend"! So we decided on the Terminal Traverse with a bivy at Perley Rock. Brenda and I had done this trip a few years ago and remembered as being a good climb but quite a long day. And that it proved to be! I think we'd hit the 12 hour mark by the time we got back to the cars. The South Ridge Ridge of South Terminal is a very nice scramble with several sections of low 5th and an airy traverse on the west side where we used the rope in earnest. The descent from the summit needs a short rappel and then there's a tedious scramble down and back up to North Terminal. We descended via the south facing snow slope between North and West Terminal back to bivy site. Full photo set here:

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Tupper West Ridge

We've climbed the west ridge a couple of times before but not for several years and never with Ross. On previous occasions we've camped at Hermit Meadows just to get that full mountain experience. This time we started from the road. It did mean we were in for a long day but it sure felt good to be descending the Hermit Trail with light day pack rather than a monstrous overnight bag.

It was a busy place with 5 or 6 other groups on the mountain. Being familiar with the route we were able to sneak around several parties that were using the rope more than we felt the need to. But we did use the rope in two places on the way up: once where the ridge narrows at an awkward down sloping ledge followed by an airy traverse, and then at the 5.6 corner pitch.

A fun trip that left us with sore legs!

A few pics below. Full album here:

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Cheops North Five

Plan A was to ski to the summit of Video Peak, descend off the north side, and then to climb back up to Bruins Pass and return via 8812. But by the time we were half-way up the valley the sun was intense. The fresh snow that had fallen overnight was quickly turning to gloop on any aspect facing the sun. And we'd be on a south facing slope for hours. So Plan B was to head up to Balu Pass and try to get into one of the north facing gullies on Cheops that would hopefully still be holding snow.

Plan B: Cheops North

Balu Pass

On Cheops with our track down in the valley

It was a stunning day.

Ross Peak, Bonney, and Green

Cougar Valley



The upper entrance to Cheops 5 looked a little sketchy so we opted for the lower one.

We then worked our way to skier's left into one of the lower gullies. A feature that we look at longingly every time we come this way but only dare to ski under these ideal conditions.

And that was it! Our last ski of the season. A great way to end what started way back in October. Time for a new challenge now in the form of a little sailboat that has been begging for our attention.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Bruins North Bowl and 8812

Late spring and it just keeps snowing. Neal joined us for a trip up the Connaught. We couldn't help taking a photo of the hotel. Will it be gone by this time next year?

We headed up onto Bruins Ridge. It felt mid-winter at times. Blowing like mad, swirling snow, and cold!

We reached Bruins Pass and had a look around.

The north side looked great so we ripped this skins and had a really nice ski.

Followed by snacks.

And the climb back up to the pass.

And the return descent down 8812 bowl.

The ski out down valley bottom is a delight this time of year. No fighting to maintain a high line or thrashing through alder. Just point 'em down and go.

But the end is near! I think we'll give up before the ski season this year.

All the photos are here:

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Lily Glacier

We skied up onto the Lily Glacier under bright skies. This tour must have one of the best view-to-effort ratios in Rogers Pass.

Bonney Glacier

Moraine below Bonney Glacier

Bonney Glacier

Once above the icefall we thought about heading over to the Dome-Rampart Col. But the weather was so nice we decided to continue over the high point on the glacier and on towards the north south ridge of Swanzy. Just for kicks. The weather would hold.

West side of The Dome and Castor


Glacier below S ridge of Swanzy

No. It wouldn't.

So we skied down the icefall in an absolute white out.

Then it did this.

Oh well.