Sunday, April 05, 2015

Vaux Moraines to The Overlook Bowl

Our third visit to The Overlook Bowl this year. This time we finally got around to going in from the top. Blue line roughly shows the way.

It was a stunning day. The open creeks were a reminder that winter was rapidly melting away.

We made our way up past the toe of the moraine and towards the Sir Donald bivy site.

Sir Donald was particularly stunning with a skiff of new snow.

A convenient series of connected bumps lead us directly onto the ridge.

After some back and forthing along the ridge we decided that this was the way in.

Steep! And a substantial drop. Not a huge drop but nevertheless we weren't entirely sure how stable it would be in the hot afternoon sun. So we tunnelled our way downwards with a series of steps until able to gingerly set foot on the slope.

The whole surface layer sluffed off exposing some old tracks on the bed surface underneath so it was probably the right least for the first person!

It was full-on spring conditions the rest of the way down.

A very cool day in the mountains.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Video Peak

It's pretty quiet in Rogers Pass these days. We hoofed it up Video Peak and only saw two other parties all day.

Also, a first descent?

Probably not but if we can't stay at the hotel any more at least we should be able ski it.