Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dome - Rampart Col from Loop Brook

Like the man says...but with Brenda on a bee-keeping course (!?) and upwards of 70cm of snow mid-week we were coaxed onto the Lilly Glacier on Sunday. With a car at the Asulkan parking lot we could traverse the Dome-Rampart Col and exit by the Asulkan Valley.

Once again we were mesmerized by the fantastic scenery up this valley. Even with snow squalls washing out the light the views were still amazing.

The good conditions tempted us into foregoing the traverse and skiing back the way we had come. Nevertheless we pushed on to the col.

And skied down to The Cleaver on the Asulkan side.

We all agreed that it was pretty good. But you know what? It could be better. Skins on and back to the col. The scenery wasn't half bad on this side either.

But I think we made the right call in the end.