Saturday, February 18, 2012


Last weekend we went exploring on Mount Fortitude Fidelity across from MgGill Shoulder at Bostock. This was the first time we had skied up this valley on the summer hiking trail. Usually we're traveling in the opposite direction at about mach 3 praying that there isn't a fallen tree across the trail around the next corner. At a slower pace it's a pretty place.

We skied to the head of the valley before turning west and heading up the first ridge north of Christiana.

By the time we climbed above the treeline the mist had come down and we couldn't see much. There were ccasional glimpses towards McGill Pass where we came out from the Three Pass Traverse last spring.

We skied along the edge of the trees down into the basin south of the ridge. The storm snow was sloughing very fast and made us quite wary. There had been a long dry spell and the new was sitting on top of surface hoar or sun-crust or a combination of the two.

We put the skins on and climbed up the basin for another run. When we ran out of sparse trees to guide us in the flat light we gave it up and skied back down the long mellow run to the valley bottom. This is really just a broad avalanche path a lot like NRC Gully (and felt equally spooky).


Once at the bottom, instead of climbing back up to the hiking trail on the opposite side we tried to ski out along the creek. This was a really nice way to ski back to the road and much more pleasant than the hiking trail. Although I don't think it would go in low snow years.

A nice day out. There's a good amount of north facing terrain up there that might be worth a return trip later in the season.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Asulkan Hut

When we visit the Asulkan Hut we're pretty much assured that the weather will be spectacular. We just never know if it will be spectacularly good or spectacularly bad. (Although even spectacularly bad can still be amazing, if somewhat limited.) Anyway last weekend truly fell into the spectacularly good category; blue skies, calm winds, fresh snow, and good stability all combined for three days of great skiing.

Youngs Peak Headwall

Moon Rise over Youngs Peak


Rogers Pass remained in the clouds the entire time adding that special look to many of our photos.

It was our second trip to the hut this season, and possibly our last until next year, so I'm happy it was a good one. You know it's been a good trip when changing two outhouse barrels is a minor footnote to the weekend rather than the major talking point.