Sunday, March 05, 2017

Triangle Moraine

We dropped Ross's car off at Loop Brook and headed to the Asulkan parking. The plan was to go over the Dome-Rampart Col and then out via the Lily Glacier. We hoped someone had broken trail up to the Dome Glacier by now. Strange times when you find yourself hoping that someone is ahead of you! But again, weirdly, we found ourselves putting in a track up through the trees above The Mouse Trap towards The Triangle Moraine. Where was everyone?

Eventually a lone skier came up our track. He chatted for a bit and watched us make agonizingly slow progress through the deep snow. Eventually he lost patience and offered to break trail for a while. As he sped past he idly mentioned that his dog was somewhere behind. As the visibility dropped and our motivation to do the traverse went with it we stopped for a snack. Ahead of us our new trailbreaker ripped skins and headed down. A good twenty minutes later look who showed up!

He was awesome! And pretty excited to have some company it seemed. We assumed his owner would realize that they'd missed each other and would come back up to find him. He followed us around for an hour before reuniting with his owner on our first run.

We did a couple of laps on The Triangle Moraine before sneaking hard skiers left to the lower end of one of the slide paths below The Mouse Trap.

We were a little disappointed to miss the traverse. But with tired legs, great conditions, and fresh tracks all day, we weren't complaining too much.

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